Hacker interview questions

  1. Whoami: (please write your answer around 5-600 characters)
    • Please give us a short introduction
    • Tell us a bit about yourself: what does your life look like now?
    • How many hours do you spend on bug hunting every week? etc.
  2. First steps in bug hunting: (around 4-800 characters)
    • How did you first hear about the term „bug bounty” for the first time?
    • How did you get into bug bounty hunting?
    • What advice would you give the younger generation of ethical hackers about bug hunting?
    • Do you have any tips for our audience on what you do when you approach a new target?
  3. About the testing methodology: (around 4-500 characters)
    • Do you follow a pre-defined methodology or do you prefer to change your methods regularly?
    • Do you have any favorite tool or favorite wordlist to test with?
  4. Favorite bug classes:
    • Do you have any favorite vulnerabilities to focus on during testing?
  5. Certifications and Achievements:
    • Do you have any security certificates? How important do you think certifications are nowadays?
    • What would you consider your most impressive achievement? What bounty are you most proud of?
  6. Future of bug bounty:
    • Can bug bounty hunting be a full-time job?
    • What is the role of automation in security testing?
    • What are your expectations of bug bounty platforms?
    • What is your impression of HACKRATE?